Fun Tours to Kick Off INANE 2019

As has become our custom, we have made arrangements for a choice of one of two area tours on the first day of INANE 2019 – Tuesday July 30th – included in your registration! You can also include a guest (for a modest fee). Here is information on each of them to help you make a selection!

Virginia City VA City

Guests will be transported from Reno to beautiful Virginia City. Our Convention Activities guide will narrate and point out interesting sights along the way. Established in 1859, Virginia City became the richest mining town in the world. San Francisco was built from the mines of the Comstock and the Civil War was partially financed from the gold and silver discovered beneath the city. Today’s Virginia City is remarkably the same as it was during its heyday with wooden sidewalks, restored mansions, “Old West” saloons, the Piper Opera House, and mine tours. Mark Twain began his illustrious writing career at Virginia City’s own “Territorial Enterprise.” Your guests can visit his, as well as numerous other museums, shops, mansions and churches in this richly historic town during their visit. For INANE 2019, we will have custom buses leaving directly from the Reno Renaissance and returning to the hotel after visiting Virginia City. This is a mostly unstructured visit to Virginia City with time to ride the trolley that meanders through town (20 minutes), visit shops and museums, or even have a quick lunch or ice cream sundae. If you want to see a little bit of the old west, this is the tour for you!

Carson City Capitol

For this tour, we will leave the Reno Renaissance Hotel by motor coach and travel to the capital of Nevada, Carson City–about 30 miles south. This tour includes a bus tour of Carson City and time to visit the Nevada State Museum. We will have the opportunity to see the beautiful Capitol Building Grounds, the Capitol Building’s dome, the Supreme Court and Legislative Buildings. We will have a narrated tour of interesting and cultural sites in the Carson City area. The tour will follow the Blue Line Trail and the Kit Carson Trail through Carson City’s historic district. Along the route are 1800s Victorian era homes, museums and churches. More than 60 landmarks are featured,  telling the story of the capital city’s history–all of this in a comfortable, narrated tour taken primarily by bus (this is not a walking tour, except for the visit to the Nevada State Museum).

NOTE: Both tours will leave from and return to the Reno Renaissance Hotel. Each tour is approximately 2.5 – 3 hours long (including travel time); everyone will return in plenty of time for the Opening Gala and speaker. Exact times for departures from the hotel will be determined when we have the number of participants for each tour, although the planned time is 12:30 to 1:30 pm. Lunch is not included as part of the trip. The Virginia City tour will involve more walking than the trip to Carson City.


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